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Cell on Wheel Design & FEA Analysis

AnaMacdesign providing Design & Analysis Consultancy for Cell on wheel Towers

Stress Analysis of a truck trailer mounted 30m & 40mtr high mobile tower under 180 KMPH wind speed as per IS standard & certification from IIT

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Indian Auto Spare Parts Industry Demanding FEA Analysis....

Awareness is the Key for success in the Indian Automobile Industry . which is influencing all automotive manufacturers is to move towards predictive simulation to the early design stage. The benefits of influencing Analysis earlier, reducing the number of design cycles and eliminating much physical testing are well understood. Simulation benefits last longer and will help in building the reputation of Auto Spare Manufacturers.

It not only help in identifying the best performance of their product in well defined tolerance limits under maximum stress also help to identify the percentage of deformation in various loads condition.

Also FEA helps in identifying the AGE of product as well as in what condition it could FAIL.

For Example a Clutch GEAR of a Vehicle in which - FEA helps in identifying at accepted RPM what is the maximum life of the product and can also predict at what Maximum RPM level it could break.

FEA Analysis also helps in different Load condition like Torque - what is the deformation and stress observed at different parts/point on the OBJECT.

Also it can help in Optimizing the Product in terms of saving COST or enhancement in the quality by honoring the accepted parameters and keeping them INTACT.

Lots of other test can be performed which helps in building reputation of the Product and its Manufacturer in the market .

It just Awareness which can help our Auto Spare Parts Manufacturer if they learn and grasp about the Technology that can help them and keep SAFE n Secure their Customer who all are using their Products.


Benefits of FEA Analysis , It Can Boost your Business exponentially high....

FEA is widely accepted in almost all engineering disciplines(Heavy Machinery , Automobiles , Marine and many more). The method is often used as an alternative to the experimental test method set out in many standards. The technique is based on the premise that an approximate solution to any complex engineering problem can be reached by subdividing the structure/component into smaller more manageable (finite) elements. The Finite Element Model (FEM) is analysed with an inherently greater precision than would otherwise be possible using conventional hand analyses, since the actual shape, load and constraints, as well as material property combinations can be specified with much greater accuracy than that used in classical hand calculations. 

FEA is particularly suitable for :

• Structural/mechanical engineering design

• Product development

• Manufacturing processes

• Improving the efficiency of existing designs

• Failure analysis investigations. 

If you are into Heavy Machinery , Automobile, Marine etc.

It is recommended and you should , before entering into Manufacturing, opt for simulation and than should go into manufacturing mode with proper results and Analysis report -with such process adaptation , you will be having more confident in your product and gain applaud from your customer by doing in this way the Known RISK are taken care and also with Analysis report you could avoid Unknown Ones as well.