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Fire & Gas Mapping



Hydrocarbon detector mapping using Dispersion Modelling Software is a scientific way of locating the detectors adopted by Major Oil Companies.

Fixed fire and gas detection systems in processing facilities typically ensure that risk mitigation systems such as isolation, blowdown and active fire protection are activated in the event of a hazardous event. A well-designed system provides an appropriate level of detector redundancy to guard against false trips and detector faults. Fire and gas detector mapping studies provide an objective analysis of detector layouts to support the design process and optimise the number of detectors needed to meet coverage targets.

It covers two aspects 


Reasons for F&G Mapping

  • No explicit international regulatory mandate to perform fire and gas mapping.
  • Most oil majors specify fire and gas mapping in the fire safety philosophy.
    • BP
    • Shell
  • ISA TR84 Guideline
  • F&G Mapping useful even without regulatory mandate:
    • Without analysis, too few detectors low safety
    • Without analysis, too many detectors high safety but expensive
    • Demonstration of Safety
    • Cost Control
    • HSE RR672

Gas releases occur on old AND NEW platforms

  • On new platforms, the most likely source is mechanical failure, particularly flanges.
  • For older platforms, it is pipe corrosion.
  • ~100 major and significant gas releases per year in UK alone.
  • 1/3 of Major and 2/3 of Significant gas releases…...are not detected by the gas detection systems.

AnaMac uses Windows based software product for Fire and Gas (F&G) Mapping analysis.

Benefits of using 3D mapping technique 

  • Cost Control
  • Typical cost reduction of 60 80% when using 3D Technique
  • Quick Turnaround
  • 1/2 weeks turnaround time means that F&G mapping results are always up to date
  • Design Control
  • Changes that causes increases in detector count can easily be understood and viewed by engineers and management
  • Transparent Results
  • Reviews can be carried out in ‘Viewing Mode’
  • Project files can be transmitted easily to other organizations involved in the project
  • Results can be exported to CAD